Several people have asked if it was possible to have changes to your local files automatically pushed to your scratch org when you save. This can be helpful if you are making small changes to things like CSS and need to test the output in the browser quickly. Fortunately, there is easy using a tool called nodemon that can solve this problem. Nodemon allows developers to monitor a folder for file changes of all or some file types and then respond by running a script. In our case, we can use this to watch the app’s source folder and run the SFDX CLI to push code changes on file saves.

To start, you will need to install nodemon. Installation can be done quickly using npm. If you don’t already have node.js installed on your computer, you will need to do this first.

If you don’t already have a package.json file in your project you will need to create one using the command below in the root of your project. You can accept all the defaults.

$ npm init

Next, install nodemon by running the following command.

$ npm install nodemon --save-dev

Next, you will need to edit your package.json file and add a new section called nodemonConfig.

"nodemonConfig": {
  "watch": ["force-app"],
  "exec": "sfdx force:source:push",
  "ext": "cls,xml,json,js,trigger,cpm,css,design,svg",
  "delay": "2500"

You can read more about the config of nodemon here, but basically what you need to know is that watch specifies the folder to monitor, in this case force-app, exec is the script that is run, ext is the file extensions to monitor, and delay is the time in milliseconds to wait between saves. The delay is useful if you same multiple files quickly so that ideally all files are pushed at the same time.

Finally, when you want to enable auto-push on save simply run npx nodemon in the command line. It will run continuously until you stop it.