The Facebook C# SDK is one of the more popular open source .Net projects today. Our project site receives tens of thousands of monthly visitors and the project itself have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. The project is used in thousands of productions web, desktop, server, phone, and Windows Store apps and it ships with the new ASP.NET Facebook Application Template.

The Facebook C# SDK has been actively maintained by Prabir Shrestha and myself for nearly 3 years. We have actively fixed bugs, avoided breaking changes when possible, and supported the community as much as our time allows. However, this project is something we do on our free time and one thing we haven’t been great at is documentation. In order to improve the project in this area we are seeking help from the community.

Why You Should Help

You should help us because you care. :) If that isn’t enough, we will publicly recognize your work on Twitter, blogs, and other social channels. If you are particularly awesome, I might even invite you to be on Cloud Cover.

What we Need

Below you will find an outline of areas in which I would like help in improving the project.

  • Identify which documentation and tutorials are needed - Right now we have some documents on our project site and we have opened some issues for documents we would like to write, but we really need somebody to spend time and identify the areas we are lacking. This would be done by identifying common themes of questions on StackOverflow and other online sources.

  • Automate the API documentation process - Our code is very well documented. Nearly every method, property, and class is documented using in-code markup in the appropriate format for .Net. However, we don’t have a web site where developers can browse through the API. The only way to read this in-code documentation is either reading the source or through Visual Studio. I believe that having a web site setup with the API documentation would be an invaluable resource.

  • Write and Maintain common tutorials - We have a bunch of samples for the Facebook C# SDK on Github, but most of these samples lack documentation. We would like it if people could put together quality tutorials and instructions to help developers get started with the Facebook C# SDK.

  • Write Docs - After we have identified which documents are required (see above) we need volunteers to write them. Some articles are very short and other are more lengthy. We have a lot of need for both types.

  • UI and Organization of Web Site - I think our project website is fairly decent. We use Jekyll and Github Pages to build it and Bootstrap for the design. However, it could definitely be improved. Additionally, some TLC with organization of the site would improve the overall experience. We are open to using something other than Jekyll and Github Pages if you have a better idea. I can provide the project with Windows Azure hosting if that is required.

If you are interested in helping, reach out to me on Twitter (@ntotten) and we can figure out the best ways for you to help.