Recently, we have switched most of our hosting accounts over to Mosso’s ( cloud hosting service. Previously, we were using virtual servers or dedicated servers to host all of our web applications and websites for Atlas Bay as well as our clients. My early experiences with Mosso have been great.

First, the technology Mosso uses is up to date and diverse. I can host websites using the latest version of .Net and PHP in the same folder without worry about configuring IIS to use PHP or any other complex scenarios. With Mosso, I can simply upload my application and it will figure out how to properly host it. So far everything has worked really well and been incredibly easy.

Second, there customer service has been incredible. I don’t really like to bother calling in to places for simple questions so I love there instant chat feature. On every page of their website and control panel there is a link to chat instantly with technical support. I have had every issue or question resolved in a matter or 1 or 2 minutes. It has been super convenient and saved me a lot of time.

Third, I love the integrated billing system. Now with Mosso, we dont have to create invoices for our hosting clients and process each payment separately. Mosso will take care of the billing and pay us directly. This service is really convenient and offered at a fair price (4% or $2, per transaction). For the amount of time this saves us I will gladly pay the service fee.

My one complaint, which is why we just started using Mosso, is that it took them a long time to roll out .net 3.5 sp1. I understand the issues with breaking changes, but I believe it is important for them and other hosting companies to making a commitment to supporting the newest technology. This is going to be an issue they will have to deal with in order to keep me as a long term customer. I can pretty much guarantee that if it takes them 6+ plus months to deploy the next version of .Net they will loose my business. Hopefully, they will have this worked out so they can quickly deploy new releases of frameworks and web servers without negatively impacting legacy software.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Mosso and I would recommend it to anyone who is deploying web applications on either Windows or Linux.